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“The Hidden Life Of Bridges” was a temporary public art project in Portland, Oregon, that ran from September 8 – October 9, 2011. The project turned two bridges into an art installation:  the Hawthorne Bridge was transformed into a giant ‘radio’, while the Morrison Bridge became an open air cinema for an opening weekend of video projections.

This free public art installation celebrated the usually unseen and unheard elements of the bridges, from the resonant sounds of their structures, to the giant gears that balance 960-tons of concrete, to the stories and faces of the engineers and operators who maintain these mighty structures.

Using a series of microphones attached to the Hawthorne Bridge, broadcasting live over the web and via cell phones, the artists converted the vibrations of daily bridge travel into an ever-changing real-time sound composition.

For the opening weekend, in association with the TBA Festival, video projections on the river piers of the Morrison Bridge visualized the sound waves broadcasting live from the Hawthorne Bridge, using them to reveal the faces of the people who work on the bridges and some of the hidden interior spaces and structures.

The Hidden Life of Bridges amplified and re-harmonized the motion and sounds of the bridges to create new-found wonder from iconic structures at the heart of our everyday.


Ed Purver is a Brooklyn-based artist who integrates digital media into public spaces. He has recently created site-specific video installations for the Liverpool Biennial (UK), Seoul Institute of the Arts (S Korea) and the Manhattan Bridge. He was a fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts 2010, and was the winnner of the Celeste Prize for Video & Animation 2010.  He is currently developing a permanent light and video installation for Warehouse 508 in Albuquerque, NM.

Tim DuRoche is a jazz and sound artist living in Portland. Recent projects include “Pivot,” an evening-length score for Tere Mathern Dance commissioned by White Bird Dance; “SoWaterfront Sound Commission,” a project exploring sound and public space as part of the South Waterfront Artist in Residence program, “O Current,” a sound installation on Portland’s East Bank Esplanade; as well as scores and site-specific compositions for dance artists Linda K. Johnson, Cydney Wilkes, and Body Vox, among others.